Current Projects


Holywood Parish Church

We are pleased to be working in conjunction with Henry Groves & Son Ltd in assisting with the dismantling and removal of the complete organ in Holywood Parish Church. Working along with Jonathan Wallace (Managing Director) and his team we continue to learn different aspects of organ building whilst providing local knowledge both instrument and supply chains. We hope to continue working along with Jonathan throughout the project and reinstatement of this instrument to completion which should hopefully be towards the end of this year.


1st Dungannon Presbyterian Church

Work includes removal of existing swell and great drawstop machines for overhaul and releathering. Removal of electropneumatic swell engine and replacing with new Taylor swell machine. Pedalboard and Pedal bourdon chests removed for overhaul and contact replacement. All internal service wiring and terminals to be upgraded.

1st Monaghan Presbyterian Church

Removal of all Great pipework due to ingress of sand after failure of Church’s protection during sand blasting work. Work includes cleaning of all exterior surfaces and soundboard interior where possible to remove all sand. Work also includes removal of great and swell drawstop machines for overhaul and releathering.


Trinity Presbyterian, Omagh

Removal of Swell Trumpet unit and chest. Existing chest to be remade with revised layout and new internal action and existing Trumpet to be replaced with a revoiced Trumpet on a lower more stable wind pressure. Unfortunately, the existing Trumpet was so badly corroded that nothing could be done to salvage the rank. Also included is the upgrading of certain wiring circuits to conform with current regulations.