1st Dromore Presbyterian Church

We were tasked with the full dismantling and removal of organ prior to the commencement of major Church refurbishment. The Organ was then reinstated whilst also providing a system upgrade. An Electropneumatic swell engine was replaced with a new Taylor Swell Machine and the Console was repositioned.


Aghalee Parish Church

We provided full protection to the organ prior to major Church refurbishment. General cleaning and overhaul took place including tonal alterations to Swell and Great departments. The Great Dulciana 8′ and Flute 4′ were replaced with Principal 4′ and Fifteenth 2′. The Great Clarabella 8′ swapped with the Swell Stopped Diapason which was moved onto the Great. The combination pedals were removed to allow the installation of a balanced swell pedal which in turn replaced the original hitch down pedal.


Ardstraw Parish Church

We had to remove the Great soundboard which had suffered from both water damage and an infestation of woodworm.  The Soundboard was stripped back, flooded, and re-palleted along with new rails both front and back. It was then reinstated along with all pipework and recommissioned.

All Saints Clooney Parish Church, Londonderry

The existing blower had caused problems following some dampness and water ingress from an outside wall.  It was decided to supply and install of new blower to replace the existing unit. Winding alterations were completed, and old unit removed was from site.


St Patricks Church of Ireland, Ballymena

The removal of Great Schwimmer due to failure and deterioration of the leather. The pan was re-leathered, and the unit reinstated and commissioned.


1st Lisburn Presbyterian Church

Removal of Swell and Great drawstop machines. (Hill) Both of these units were totally stripped down, internal ribs replaced and totally re-leathered before reinstating and commissioning.

Ballywillan Presbyterian Church, Portrush

Removal of existing blower to great and pedal division. Supply and installation of new blower and acoustic cabinet along with all associated winding and building frame alterations.


Carlisle Road Presbyterian Church, Londonderry

Removal and overhaul of manual keys including replacing existing silver key contacts and wipers with gold plated. Swell and Great stoppered flutes removed and rounded out with stoppers re-leathered throughout.

Regent Street Presbyterian

Removal of all pipework and protection of interior soundboards, chests, and system prior to Major Church renovation. Cleaning of all pipework and chests after building completion. Reinstatement, commissioning, and retuning of organ.

St Annes Parish Church, Dungannon

Removal of main wind trunk from blower due to woodworm infestation. Manufacture of new trunk to replace existing. Treatment of surrounding area as preventative measure.


St Augustine’s Parish Church, Londonderry

Removal and complete overhaul of Great drawstop machine due to deterioration of leather in internal pans. Unit totally stripped and re-leathered, reinstated and commissioned.